Pencil Art by Clifford

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Clifford Amundsen’s Pencil Sketches

As a young man my first real job was sitting at a mechanical drafting board. That was before CAD was even around. I spent a lot of time honing my technique and enjoyed the out of the ordinary projects given to me.  During the years I have dabbled in pencil sketching and find that it has become an extension of my artistic abilities.

I work only in graphite because pencil sketches have a different kind of beauty that no colors can match. I love how black, white, and grey can create an entirely magnificent looking composition without the use of color. This not to say that I will not entertain a composition or two of colored pencil but I am a pencil artist at heart and my focus is graphite.

I continually persevere to improve and master new and advanced technique because I am passionate about pushing my abilities, limits and artwork ahead. This allows me to share my creations with others. My total satisfaction is seeing the gratified expression on the faces of people I have served.

If you desire to have a specific graphite drawing produced, please contact me. I would love to be of service.

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